Parks and Recreation Web Design
May 2020
Parks & Rec Homepage Mockup
Interface Sketches
Target Users 
Parents/caregivers who want to register their child for an activity through Parks & Recreation quickly and efficiently, with confirmation they did it correctly.
User Tasks
-The user will register their child for the 2020 Summer Swim & Gym session.
-The user will complete the purchase of the activity they registered for.
The design is taken from the interface sketches on paper into Adobe XD to design a wireframe. Once the wireframe was complete, the first prototype of the website was developed with images, color, and interactivity.
Interface Design
Forum pages to register a child for an activity, adding item to cart, and then submit a payment for the program.
"Very good attention to usability, including user control and error with an attractive visual style."
-Director, DePaul School of Design
Activity Registration page. Activity Registration Pop-up to select specific program registration.
Home Page for Parks and Recreation.
Special Thanks to everyone who gave me design feedback. My name is Ross Dillon, I am a Graphic & UX Designer. You can find more of my work on my website or follow me on instagram Feel free to reach out.

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