Hi! I'm Ross, a Product Designer focused on building creative solutions to complex problems through Design Thinking and Prototyping.
Hey there, nice to meet you! I’m Ross and I am a product designer that loves prototyping and design thinking. I live in Greater Boston, where I was born and raised. I have a Bachelor's of Science in User Experience Design from DePaul University. Other focuses of study include minors in graphic design, psychological research methods, and IT.
Growing up I would always be drawing, and I spent summers taking art and film classes. I also spent a lot of time doing community service, especially helping out at schools. I’ve always had a human-centered design approach, sharing my work with everyone. I grew to love storyboarding concepts, and directing films. In high school I wrote, produced, and directed several shows and shorts. My freshman year of high school I won an award for "Best Director."
My creativity slowly evolved into the digital space after taking a break from film and rediscovering art in a digital style. It was not until an app programming class where I learned about UX. The UX Design field fit perfectly in conjunction with my love of storyboarding, design, technology, and helping others. My various backgrounds would allow me to solve problems creatively with inclusivity, functionality, and aesthetics in mind.
Outside of school and work, you can find me either volunteering, designing stickers, reading or listening to podcasts. I also try and write everyday, I even publish some of my writing here. I am currently a web designer at LuminAID.

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